What is Gemetrics?

Life choices can affect our genetic potential. Learn how to maximize that potential and discover your greatness.

Gemetrics is more than a T-shirt company. Gemetrics is a biotechnology company that will be launching the most relevant, affordable and convenient genetic testing ever. We offer customers a convenient and affordable way to unlock their natural genetic strengths to help maxmize their potential.

Genes predispose us to have strengths we excel at and weaknesses we struggle with. Because our genes are also influenced by the way we live, knowing our genetic strengths allows us to identify and excel at what we do best. In an ever increasing competitive world, knowing what we genetically excel at gives us a competitive advantage.

The site will offer insight into our inner genetic strengths so we can unlock our full potential. There is an abundance of research linking genes to behavioral traits. Each gene that will be used in our aptitude test is backed by academic research and associated with a natural strength.

Clients will be able to build a profile about their unique strengths as they delve into their genes. Genes will be available for purchase a la carte at an exceptionally cheap cost. A sliding scale points them in the direction of potential career paths where their genetic predispositions suggest they would excel. Clients also receive aggregate information about profession, income level, activities, hobbies etc. of other clients who carry similar genetic data to them. This provides insight into what others who are genetically similar to them have achieved. Sharing your results on Facebook, twitter and google+ offer opportunities to unlock free genetic tests.

Social groups on the site will also allow you to connect with people who share the same genetic variants as you. This is a great opportunity to make potential connections to help your career and meet people with similar interests to you. Make the most out of your genes and learn what they can do for you.

The Science Behind Gemetrics

There is an abundance of research linking genes to behavioral traits. Each gene that we use in our aptitude testing is backed by academic research. Some of these genes include natural leader, musical aptitude and charisma. At Gemetrics, we know that genes influence us, but are not completely deterministic. That is why we don’t use your results to tell you what you can and cannot do. We use your results to show you what others who have similar genetic data to you have achieved. That way, you know what is possible. Our innovative algorithms combine all the genes you have tested and determine how strongly they influence profession, income, hobbies etc. It is unique because it also includes how much the environment (non-genetic factors) influence the outcomes as well. You get a good sense of how much potential is locked away in your genes. Take the opportunity to unlock it and reach your full potential.

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