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How does the Gemetrics DNA test work?

Gemetrics is offering the world's most affordable genetic test! Gemetrics will help you identify your inner strengths and discover your greatness. Gemetrics offers you a unique opportunity to learn more about your genetic make-up and what makes you who you are. The personality DNA tee service collects a DNA sample from an individual and identifies the genetic make-up of part of their serotonin uptake transporter (5-HTTLPR), dopamine receptor (DRD4), and the oxytocin receptor (OXTR).  Based on the combinations of variations that you carry in each of these three genes we categorize you into one of 8 genetic personalities. This assessment can help you determine your natural strengths in order for your to reach your full potential

What happens to my DNA?

To use Gemetric's service you need only provide Gemetrics with a sample of your saliva. Collecting the DNA is as simple as spitting on a piece of paper and sending it back to our lab for analysis. The DNA is then isolated for genetic analysis using Gemetrics’s confidential and secure process.  Your DNA sample is submitted in an anonymous fashion using a code-identifier that is provided to you on a confidential basis as part of the order form.  We call this your Personal Identifier which ensures your sample and DNA data are compiled and stored anonymously.  Your personal DNA belongs to you and you can request to have it destroyed at any time.

Why do I have to spit on a piece of paper?

By spitting on a piece of paper and sending it to us, you are sending us your DNA in a form that is both economical and easily extract-able. This is the reason we can offer the cheapest DNA testing solution in the market.

How do I select the T-shirt I want?

You can't!  We test your personality traits to see which genetic personality you are, and then send you the T-shirt with your specific type.  That way, you discover something unique about yourself, and you can wear a T-shirt that shows the world who you really are.

Will Gemetrics conduct any health related analysis?

No. The genetic tests that will be performed do not tell us anything about your health or health issues which you or your family may have. Your privacy is our utmost concern. We will never share your DNA data with anyone.

Where will this testing be carried out?

Analysis of your DNA will be carried out at Gemetric's facility which has been certified under ISO 13485:2003 and has a Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada. These laboratories operate under strict scientific and privacy protocols. 

Is this real?

We don't make this stuff up. Check out the How it Works page and judge for yourself. The research is solid and has been around for a long time. Why are you only hearing about this now? No one has ever tried to make this science affordable - until now!

Are you guys really Instant Chemistry?

The one and only!  In 2013, we brought you the world's first genetic and psychological compatibility assessment tool.  In 2015, we created Gemetrics, the world's coolest and most affordable DNA test - EVER!  We're pretty awesome that way.