About Us

Gemetrics is an offshoot of Instant Chemistry, an established biotechnology company who developed the world’s first genetic and psychological assessment for dating.  We’ve been providing direct-to-consumer genetic testing since 2013.  We understand privacy concerns, regulatory concerns and how to interpret genetic results.  We have a good appreciation of how genes influence behaviour.

We first came up with the idea for personality DNA tees when researching genes which could help singles find Mr. or Ms. Right.  We realized that some genes help create the framework for our outward personality.  The framework these genes create is our inner genetic personality.

We wanted to find a way to allow everyone to identify their genetic personality in a fun and interesting way.  Your personality DNA tee idea seemed like a great way to let people find out their inner genetic personality and proudly show it off to the world.
The most fun part of buying the shirt is that your genetic personality is left a surprise until you unbox your personality DNA tee.  You also get to learn about your personal results in a detailed report which arrives with your tee.

Gemetrics is much bigger than just a personality DNA tee.  This test only looks at 3 gene variants, but Gemetrics is so much more.  Read more about us Here.

Our Management Team

We hope you enjoy learning about your genetic personality as much we enjoyed learning our own results (we love to be the first to take our own DNA tests) and enjoy sharing that personality with the world!
The Gemetrics team